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Cycle Stop Service Department

Factory Certified Technicians

Our factory trained and certified technicians have over a century of combined experience and expertise. Whether it's an oil change, new tires, a full maintenance service or performance upgrades, our master technicians have the experience and the know-how to get it done right.

For the Hearing Impaired
Text 585-202-0864
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Proud to be one of the first authorized

DYNOJET Power Commander Custom Tuning Centers in Upstate NY!

Custom tuning is the ultimate in performance enhancement. You will see the best horsepower and torque possible with your current motorcycle configuration when you have us build you a personalized download that is specific to your exact bike and performance components.

Custom tuning, ensures you get the most out of your motor and exhaust system upgrades and is available through Harley-Davidson Racer Tuner and Dyno Jet Power Commander.






We will perform 3 power runs,testing for
horsepower and torque.
You receive the best of the three in a
Dyno print out.


Add extra test readings to your print out.


Our certified technicians will install your power commander on your bike, then install a Dynojet provided basic map after which they will run
it on the Dyno to test for Air/Fuel ratio.


Our certified technicians will customize
a map specific to your bike and the performance components you have installed.
The goal is to get optimal performance in horsepower as well as a sweet air/fuel ratio.


Includes installation of the race tuner,
install of a stock Harley map and a
Dyno run to test for Air/Fuel
and power curves.


Customize your tuner settings and get the ultimate in power and torque blended with a smooth ride



** Prices subject to change. Additional charges may apply.**


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive in the Service Department. Since each vehicle is a little different, we advise you to always refer to your owner's manual on specific specifications such as oil level, spark plug gap, tire pressure, etc. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email us at

1. Do I need an appointment for a New York State Inspection? - No, we do not take appointments for inspections. We inspect from 10:00 AM until an hour before close. Inspections are done first come, first served and you may wait up to 30 minutes. But there is always hot coffee and good conversation to help pass the time.

2. What is the minimum tire tread required to pass inspection? - New York State requires a minimum of 2/32 tire tread in three different spots in order to pass inspection.

3. Where can I find my service maintenance schedule? - Each vehicle has a different maintenance schedule. You can find your specific schedule listed in the back of your owner's manual or service manual. You may also contact the Service Department to find out when your vehicle should be serviced.

4. What is DYNO tuning? - When a motorcycle rolls off the production line, it is calibrated to run with stock components and under certain weather conditions. DYNO custom tuning tweaks your bike to run to the exact performance components you have installed in your specific environment to bring you optimum performance results.

5. How much does custom DYNO tuning cost? - Prices start at $140.00 and vary depending on your specific bike and component configuration.

Does your motorcycle or ATV have a current, open recall? Need some piece of mind? No problem, email your VIN information to and we will gladly verify that there are no current open campaigns that will affect your vehicle's safety or performance.