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Cycle Stop New York State Inspections Frequently Asked Questions


Scheduling: No Appointment Needed

We perform NYS Inspections daily on a first come, first served basis (weather permitting) between the following hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

We find that the busiest times are often first thing in the morning and the lunch time hour, so we appreciate your patience as we work diligently to perform each safety inspection in the order they arrive.  At our busiest times, it can take up to an hour to get a New York State Inspection, but there is fresh coffee in the showroom and lots of new products to check out while you wait.


Required Documents

You must have a valid, current New York State registration or current, valid temporary New York State Registration (10 day) document as well as the matching license plate and plate sticker adhered to the license plate.  We are legally unable to perform an inspection without these documents.


Mandatory Vehicle Conditions: New York State Minimum Requirements

The following 10 items are the most common reasons for a vehicle to fail a New York State safety inspection. With the exception of the license plate lighting and exhaust system parameters, all of these reasons are top safety concerns and having them addressed should be a priority to ensure a safe riding season.


1.  One left hand mirror, with no visible cracking or damage that impairs driver visability.

2.  Minimum 2/32" tread on all vehicle tires.

3.  All lights on the vehicle, including accessory lights, are operational.  This includes turn signs, high beams, low beams and running lamps.

4.  The license plate is illumimated by a white light.

5.  Tires tread and side walls are free of corrosion and dry rot.

6.  Front end suspension, also known as forks, are clear of oil and seals are not leaking.

7.  The exhaust system is a mufflered, baffled system.

8.  The drive chain or belt is properly aligned, withing adjustment and not overly worn or unadjustable.

9.  The steering head bearings and handlebar bushings must be properly adjusted and cannot be worn beyond the point of safely operating on the vehicle.

10.  The vehicle brake pads can not be metal to metal and may not be glazed over, cracked or broken.

These and additional vehicle requirements are listed at the DMV site


Sticker Placement

We will place your inspection sticker on the front left fork or a fixed inspection sticker plate, which must be permanently mounted to the front left hand side of the vehicle.